Active medication

For prescribed regular medications, medications that are not expired, stopped or deleted.

AIR Encounter

A visit to a vaccination provider where one or more episodes (vaccines) are administered to the patient.

AIR Episode

The actual immunisation provided to the patient, by the vaccination provider. An AIR Encounter must have a minimum of one episode, and a maximum of five episodes.


The encounter place at which a healthcare service is provided and where patient contacts occur; either the physical place at which a service is delivered, or the physical place from which a service is delivered.


A consultation between a healthcare provider at your centre and a patient.


Dose Administration Aid (DAA) is the term used for packaging that organises doses of medication according to when they should be taken.


General information about a patient, such as names, addresses, Medicare Number, and so on.


A meeting between a healthcare provider and a patient.


A Healthcare Professional.

Healthcare Professional

Anyone who provides healthcare for a patient, such as a doctor, health worker, nurse, nurse practitioner and so on.

Healthcare Provider

An individual or organisation that provides healthcare.

Immunisation Provider

The provider who administered a vaccine to an individual.


From Active Ingredient Prescribing legislation, a list of excluded medicinal items (LEMI) for which Helix does not include the generic components. The LEMI includes non-medicinal items such as bandages, or medications with four or more active ingredients.


From Active Ingredient Prescribing legislation, a list of medicines for brand consideration (LMBC), for which providers should consider prescribing by brand. For example, medications that are not bioequivalent.

Once-off medication

A medication typically prescribed for acute clinical presentations, which the patient will take until the course is complete. Once-off medications may also be described as short-course medications.


Permissions control what features can be accessed in Helix. Permissions are assigned to users or to the role to which they belong.

Regular medication

A medication typically prescribed for a chronic disease, which the patient would be expected to take continually.


A way of organising similar users into groups, so that they can be assigned similar access to various features in Helix.


Refers to any user of Helix who does not bill patients for services.

Vaccine Provider

A medical practitioner or person who is recognised by Services Australia as being a provider of vaccinations to individuals, according to the Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015.

Walk-in patient

Patients who arrive without an appointment.

Work Area

A specialty area at a centre.